Ryan Adams Gives Taylor Swift's '1989' an Incredible Makeover With a Complete Cover Album

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When Taylor Swift released her 1989 album fans, radio and award shows ate it up.

Today singer/songwriter Ryan Adams released a complete cover of the entire album which seems to shed light behind the meaning and feelings of each and every song.

(Album Stream Below)

For the younger Taylor Swift fans, the album may come as a shock and quite frankly may not be their cup of tea.

That being said, Ryan Adams has been making genuinely well written and performed music for from 2000's Heartbreaker all the way to his self-titled album released in September of 2014.

Instead of a total pop iteration on the 1989 hits, Adams has his eyes set in evoking the emotion from the lyrics of the song.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adams said that he heard more while listening to the album.

He says he didn't make the change because they needed it but because he envisioned what it would sound like if it was performed in the style of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.

That's right, Adams took the Springsteen approach to "Bad Blood," "Blank Space," "Out of The Woods," "Style" and other Swift hits.

"You sit next to her, and she plays a verse of a song with some lyrics and a chorus, and it's clear right in that moment: 'Of course, this is someone who's playing to 50,000 people in a stadium,'" he says, according to the interview.

"It's not shocking. You hear the tone of her voice or the clean line of a song and it's just clear.

You think, 'Well, of course, this person is who they are in music.' The undeniable force of her personality comes through in her music. There are certain people, like Keith Richards, who have that thing."

40-year-old Adams came up with a really brilliant idea that was done out of clear appreciation and admiration for Swift and her craft. The album is redone in a stripped down manner that puts you in directly in the moment of each situation that the lyrics refer to.

As for Swift, she's been pushing the project and getting her own fans hyped for it for a few days now. You can check out Ryan Adams 1989 cover album below.

Listen to Ryan Adams' take on 1989

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