Ace Keeps It Hood in Hip-Hop

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Ace Hood is back with a new one and it gives me the feeling that rappers out there should be scared. The Florida rapper is back to killing for his respect.

Single after single, the rapper proves the masses wrong by delivering a song that goes from in the streets to industries.

And I must say Im proud. This new video is titled "Fear". It starts with the firing of large weapons and my guess is that they are aimed at the naysayers and pessimists. The dark hallway and Ace's voice line up perfectly.

Ace's first words are "aint no pity for the weak", and it sounds like something he has been through in the game that he can actually attest to. I wanted to see where all of this was going, and I was excited.

A flag with the words "Hood Nation" was the next thing I saw. It was big, black with white writing. Looks like Ace is trying to make his point loud and clear, and looks like he is here to stay.

Ace Hood bring gritty back to rap

Then he commences rapping. He gives a passion that no other artist can give. He lashes out at the camera, and you can feel every word. It almost feels like he's coming through the screen. The men with the Hood Nation shirts are behind him have his back, hanging on to each word as he goes deeper and deeper into song. In the song he even affirms that he's the new king of the south.

Lets see how far this goes, I would love to know. Gunmen with masks, the video was looking like a movie more and more. I like when artists take their crafts a bit further than just the rap.

Its refreshing to see. Ace is showing his growth on this one and giving the people something to look at while he releases bar after bar of venom to the listeners.

As he prepares us for the release of his next video "STARVATION III", he gets us ready. This video "Fear" reassures us that hip hop in the south is in good hands and that we have nothing to worry about.

It feels like their will be a balance of street and club anthems mixed in with a whole lot of lyrics.

Ace Hood waving the flag of the Hood Nation shows us that he is here to stay and there is nothing that we should fear. Salute Ace!

New Video entitled "fear":