Justin Timberlake Is Returning To Be The Super Bowl Half Time Concert Performer

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Justin Timberlake is back and will perform at the halftime show of the 2018 Super Bowl.

This will be the second time in 14 years that he will be performing at the Super Bowl. His first appearance was controversial due to a wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson.

Back in 2004, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were both performing at the Super Bowl halftime show and something unexpected happened.

Justin Timberlake accidentally pulled off Janet Janet's costume revealing a part of her breasts in full view on worldwide television. Due to this incident, live broadcasts have a five second delay.

Anyway, Billboard reports that Justin Timberlake will perform on Febraury 4th, 2018 in Minneapolis. His announcement at the Super Bowl was confirmed yesterday during Sunday Night Football.

Timberlake is keeping himself busy by recording his fifth studio album. He already released several other albums when he was first with the boy-band NSYNC.

Timberlake being in the half time show continues the tradition of the NFL or the music industry catering towards more mainstream audience.

Some people were hoping Metallica would eventually be performing at the Super Bowl, but they have never been considered. Heavy Metal is not as popular as pop music or songs that feature in the top 40 charts.

It also seems as if the Super Bowl is just rotating the same performers year in and year out. They seem to choose artists that have already performed on the big stage.

However, getting a spot on the Super Bowl half time is very expensive so only the most famous music artists have enough power to book a slot. Do you like Justin Timberlake as the half time show performer?

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