Nipsey Hustles: The reintroduction of Nipsey Hussle.

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Sometimes I ponder really hard about the crazy and far left marketing schemes of some of these rappers and I wonder, How? what? huh?

But this was one I didn't expect. I was introduced to Nipsey Hussle in 2009 when I heard his song "Hustle In The House" that had the familiar sample of Kriss Kross's jump slowed down to a west coast nod (genius by the way). It was hard to process seeing that the west had been quiet for a while. So to see this likable thug image captivating my attention was astonishing.

He had snoops look and nonchalant attitude but he had more of an edge. In the video, he had the streets filled with his affiliate colors and he had a leader-type bravery to him.

I was thirsty to hear more from Nipsey but the unexpected happened. He disappeared.

Well, not really disappeared, he was here a little and there a little, but nothing substantial or solid. And that disappointed me. When I was coming up listening to music, it was a lot of West Coast music. So his slight disappearance made me sad. I heard a verse from him on a song featuring Rick Ross and thought that would be his comeback but sadly no.

Then to my surprise, one day I turned on the computer and it was the promo for an up and coming Nipsey Hustle mix tape and due to my disappointment in the past, I turn to the next page uninterested. I go through my week looking for other mix tapes, still bypassing the promo vids from Mr. Hustle.

Nothing is compelling me to give it a glance and then as a week passes, the internet blows up with Nipseys name at the forefront of displeasure.

Why? Nipsey Hussle has decided to release his newest mix tape and sell it for the whopping price of 100 hard-earned American dollars. I had to find out why.

Well it seems Nipsey isn't pleased. Seems like Nipsey has a problem with the way the industry has dealt with him so he put the 100 dollar price tag up for his real fans. Real fans that have no problem spending that 100 for his music. The fan in me started to grow again.

I felt like he was taking his time to grow up and understand the industry and himself more. He went from west coast rapper to a revolutionary.

Many people come on the scene and get completely lost...

blinded by the lights and the camera flashes, but it's good to see an artist who will take the time and figure out what he wants from this career and go after it.

Congrats Nipsey, I hope your name rings from Crenshaw throughout the rest of the world.