Opeth Makes Vague Announcement For 2015

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Opeth is planning something big for 2015. The famed metal band posted a teaser photo on their Facebook page. It had their logo and a picture of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, which is located in Rio.

They just released an album in 2014, and they typically release albums at 3-4 year intervals--meaning the release of a new record is unlikely.

Opeth's last record was Pale Communion. It was met with approval, but it wasn't praised like the band's past albums.

"Aside from a bit of sitar on 'Voice of Treason,'" Metal Injection stated, "Pale Communion feels less period-piece and much more like a modern prog album than Heritage did. The production is far more expansive, recalling the spacious mixes on old Pink Floyd and newer Dream Theater albums, and just in general Akerfeldt seems to feel more his own man here, unafraid to embrace a metal-less prog rock on his own terms the way he was with the tribute band songwriting on Heritage.

Pale Communion is not a perfect album - the acoustic moments like "Elysian Woes" and "Faith in Others" don't quite shine with inspiration the way the uptempo numbers do - but it's very nearly a masterpiece, and even the relatively dull moments are inevitably redeemed by a fresh turn of phrase.

Akerfeldt may not have fully silenced the naysayers he's picked up over the past few years, but he's done us one better: prove that he's a man of his own muse."

What do you think Opeth is up to? Stay tuned to find out.