Lana Del Rey's New Song 'High By The Beach' is Here

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As promised last week, Lana Del Rey released her new single "High By The Beach" via Apple Music's Beats1 Radio show with Zane Lowe and it's another haunting track with a Hip-Hop undertone.

(Audio Below)

"High By The Beach" stands out as one of those fusion tracks that Lana Del Rey was known for on her "Born To Die" album. From "High By The Beach," fans can probably expect more of that blended sound on the upcoming "Honeymoon"album. With the new single, Lana Del Rey is assuming a more powerful role over her male counterparts.

She doesn't care if the man is a "bad motherf**ker," it won't make him anymore of a man to her.

Unlike most of her songs which are vulnerable in tone, this one takes on a more haunting persona with Lana assuming total control.

"We may be well into August by now--but here, curled up on the sand with a joint in her hand, is Lana Del Rey, reminding you that summer isn't over till the phat lady sings," according to Time.

"The singer steeps her new song in a marijuana haze, but thanks to its skittering beat and dizzying hook--"All I want to do is get high by the beach / get high by the beach, get high"--the latest track from the forthcoming Honeymoon is Lana's poppiest song in a while."

Lana Del Rey also participated in a Beats1 Radio interview with Zane Lowe to detail the new single, the "Honeymoon" album and more.

The "Summertime Sadness" seems to be gone and all Lana Del Rey wants to do is "get high by the beach" You can check out "High By The Beach" below.

Listen to "High By The Beach" below.