Indie Anthems Mixtape Makes List Of Artists That Deserve Deals After CMJ Music Marathon

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When music fans and industry tastemakers look for new artists to add to their rosters and playlists, they often turn to industry-curated indie compilations to find up-and-coming artists recognized by the media, record labels and PR companies.

At CMJ Music Marathon in New York City this week, WiFi PR Group released its digital mixtape, Indie Anthems Vol. 9, the latest installment in its respected indie series.

CMJ Music Marathon, held this year in venues throughout New York City from October 21-25, is a 4-day and night festival that draws over 125,000 attendees from around the world.

This year, CMJ boasts over 1300 artists playing over the 4 day period, at over 80 venues throughout New York City and its burroughs.

This years usual music lineup at CMJ , though comprised of both emerging artists and major-label headliners, is as varied and as seemingly well-received as ever. Headliners include Cold War Kids, The Kills, SlowDive, and Saint Pepsi-who also happens to have an exclusive track featured on Volume 9 of Indie Anthems.

WiFi PR was there to pass out copies of Indie Anthems Vol. 9 to industry experts and fans interested in this lineup.

While many of the 3,500 download cards of Indie Anthems Vol.

9 that WiFi PR will hand out at CMJ Music Marathon will be to festival attendees, most copies will fall into the hands of the industry tastemakers who either have the power to deem it buzz worthy and legitimize it to a massive audience of digital music consumers.

While most mixtapes, particularly for independent artists, are created for music fans alone, WiFi PR curated the Indie Anthems series to suit the attention and agendas of those who are on the pulse of what's next in the world of music.

These are the people who shape the landscape of popular culture today and predict the trends that are coming next.

Between YouTube, music streaming services, blogs and other online music and media outlets, the amount of music available overwhelms music lovers and experts, and it can be difficult to wade through it all to find what moves and intrigues them most. Indie Anthems Vol. 9 introduces a variety of artists including Saint Pepsi, an emerging artist in the newly coined "vaporware" genre, who has become the darling of the underground press while making a name for himself amongst industry vets. In addition to being one of the most buzzed about headlining CMJ, he also has the lead off on Indie Anthems.

Saint Pepsi contributed an exclusive track, "Tonight" from his Illuminated Paths cassette only release. From the first moment you hit play, Indie Anthems Vol. 9 represents an array of genres.

Savant ("Rise Up"), an EDM artist reminiscent of a cross between Aphex Twin and a modern Pop-Art version of Mozart to South Korean electronica artist, HEO ("Luna"), who is often compared to a male version of SIA, for example, take starkly different perspectives of electronica music.

Fast forward a few tracks and your headphones are armed with Norwegian pop tress, Ursina who excels at pulling you in with her pop sensible lullaby ("Next to You").

This is in direct contrast to fellow singer-songwriter Marty O'Reilly ("Cold Canary Gaslight") with his haunting "Tom Wait-esqe" soulful howls, mournful guitar, and backing back who sounds straight from the 'O Brother Where Art Though' soundtrack.

As for rock artists, there are plenty of varieties of such including Israeli surf pop band, RPS Surfers ("IGaza") who offer a psychedelic surf rock bent reminiscent of a spy movie where Dick Dale meets James Bond.

Parole Perse ("Labyrinth") follows the progressive hard rock route while moving the listener with lyrics that demonstrate tortured and hell-bent emotions.

Royal Red Brigade ("20/20") also maintain a fierce presence in the rock bands line up with its brand of punk rock rally music. Fans of The Beatles, Damian Marley and Portishead will be adding tracks from The Sun And The Moon ("Geneva"), while Kai Killion's ("Drip") could easily be the next most added track on AAA radio.

("Ghost") by Chicago singer-songwriter is another strong track for AAA radio.

("Feel Alright") by Section Z artist, SirensCeol is already a club anthem in growing communities.

All of the artists on Indie Anthems exemplify the breadth of scope for independently produced music today--ranging from electronica to rock to punk to pop--much of which can be heard on this album.

Indie Anthems Vol. 9 is now available for download on its Bandcamp page for a limited time.

Indie Anthems Bandcamp: