Kid Cudi Will Not be on Travis Scott's 'Rodeo' Album But Still Sends His Support

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Remember when we all thought that Travis Scott's "Rodeo" album would never come? Scott wanted to make sure he got a feature from his biggest inspiration in music Kid Cudi before giving fans the masterpiece.

Well, Cudi won't be feature but he's still making Scott's weekend by tweeting his support.

"Theres only one young man within the industry who's been a loyal dedicated fan and supporter of mine since day 1, its time we support him too," said Cudi in a tweet earlier today. Following the tweet, Cudi asked his fans and followers to pre-order Scott's album.

Scott is a very loyal follower of Kid Cudi and has spoken about the first time he ever met Cudi, which made him emotional.

Cudi clarified that he would not be on the album but that it was all about Scott's craft. Scott caught whim of Cudi's gesture and said he "legit just cried." The two exchanged talk about Cudi receiving one of the action figures that are available with the purchase of Scott's album and Scott promised Cudi the prototype.

The tweets between the two have since be deleted but it's a pretty awesome exchange from one innovator of Hip-Hop and Indie music to another.

Scott's "Rodeo" album is scheduled to be released on September 4 and the buzz around it is insane and may have increased after the Kid Cudi co-sign. Check out the exchanges between the two artists below.

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