M83's New Album is Scheduled For 2016

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The electronic alternative group M83 has risen to one of the most popular acts in music. Their track "Midnight City" has been and continues to be a huge hit with fans and now fans can expect a new album in 2016.

"Producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen broke the news on Twitter. 'A new M83 album is now finished,' he wrote on Dec.

17. 'I'm very happy with it,'" according to a Billboard report. Meanwhile the groups frontman Anthony Gonzalez released a few details about the upcoming album to Entertainment Weekly.

"It's more fun and fresh than my last album," Gonzalez said. "But it's good to take your listeners into a different maze, you know?"

The bands mixture of 70's and 80's sound paired with a new age twist yielded the exquisitely produced Hurry Up, We're Dreaming album.

In previous years the bad took a slightly softer approach on albums like Saturdays = Youth but for the 2016 offering the word "epic" is being thrown around a lot.

"Gonzalez also said the album's narrative was inspired by '70s and '80s television, specifically Punky Brewster and Who's the Boss," according to Billboard.

"I feel like TV shows are starting to sound and look the same, there's no more passion anymore. So this album is a tribute to those old-fashioned shows."

M83 has been ruling the synth-based music scene for quite some time and it will be very interesting to see what they have in store for fans for 2016.