When Can Fans Expect New Bruce Springsteen Songs?

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Bruce Springsteen has only recently come off the road in support of his "High Hopes" album.

He also recently released a special four-song vinyl EP as part of Record Store Day, but when can fans expect "The Boss" to put out more new music?

The Record Store Day mini-album actually might represent the best hope for new songs for at least a little while. The limited edition offering, titled "American Beauty" included three previously unheard songs.

"American Beauty," "Mary Mary" and "Hey Blue Eyes" - were recorded during the High Hopes sessions with producer Ron Aniello, but ultimately discarded. The origin of the other song, "Hurry Up Sundown," is unknown, according to Rolling Stone.

Besides the possibility of "American Beauty" finding its way into a format other than vinyl Springsteen has been quiet as to his immediate plans. If past history is any indication his next album is likely to be a smaller idea -- in the vein of his "Seeger Sessions" project -- before he returns with a full-fledged E Street Band album and tour.

In recent years, however, Springsteen has been more prolific. "High Hopes" was released with little build up so it's possible the singer will return sooner than he normally does.

Springsteen also just released a short film, "Hunter of Invisible Game," which the singer co-directed.