"Trinity And The Manhattan Project" Combines Alternate Reality Game And Music

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Men Moi's "Trinity And The Manhattan Project" will serve as an alternate reality game combining music that will enable people and players to interact with transmedia storytelling, using the real world as its platform to deliver creative perceptions and stories through actions and ideas.

Men Moi, and with his music project, "Trinity And The Manhattan Project," a mix of electro-minimalism, disco, and funk; with simple grooves, ostinatos, poetry and moody lyrics; who identifies and finds inspiration from a famous alternate reality game and will be self-releasing two debut albums entitled, "The Upper Floors," and "Metropolitan," for free - with the option to donate on 6/20/2014.

Now you can discover Men Moi's secrets behind his inspiration for his debut albums by visiting his bloghttp://zeroplusrecords.blogspot.com/2014/06/alternate-reality-game.html.

An alternate reality you will not be able to discover any other way, think of it as it were the ultimate experiment, considered the missing link in a famous alternate reality game simulation that took the world by storm through an innovative approach to music promotion seven years ago and now continues.

"It would seem like I've been inspired by Nine Inch Nails forever now, like an eternity- a cosmic connection, even if it is only metaphysically," says Men Moi.

"I was unsure if I was going to step into music production, but after finding inspiration from artists like Trent Reznor, David Bowie, and Sir Paul McCartney, who keep pushing music with breakthroughs- I thought, 'I could do my part in shaping music, if you are willing to listen, and keep your ears open.

It's modern day 'beat poetry,' in the sense that it is poetry over a beat, played against only ostinatos." says Men Moi.

Men Moi is offering every song on his two debut albums, plus more music he composes, for 100% free.

These can be used for commercial use or non-profit movies, television, video games, smartphone apps, TV and radio commercials, advertising, student films, or YouTube and Vimeo video projects.

You'll be able to download his music in lossless audio for your project (royalty-free, once you've signed up using your email to his website).

More information can be found on http://www.zeroplusrecords.com/

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