Lana Del Rey Releases 'Music To Watch Boys To' On Apple's Beats 1

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After teasing us a bit with her new track "Music To Watch Boys To," Lana Del Rey released the track via Apple's Beats 1 and it's yet another awesome track from her upcoming album Honeymoon.

"Music To Watch Boys To" is a haunting track that instantly gets you excited for the Honeymoon album, much like the rest of the singles.

What makes Lana Del Rey is her ability to fuse so many genres to develop this sound that is so original you can't help but to appreciate it.

It's good an undeniable classic sound to it and is sure to go over very well with fans.

Lana Del Rey has been using Apple's Beats 1 as a major outlet to promote her new album and release her new single. Her interview with Zane Lowe gave fans a lot of insight on the new album and how it was developed.

Lana says she's been mixing the album for quite some time and Lowe commented on the way she is able to captivate the vibe of every song she creates.

The single "High By The Beach" was released during the interview and spurred even more hype for the project. Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon album is scheduled to release next Friday, September 18. You can check out the Honeymoon sampler below.