Bas, Little Simz, Madeintyo and Dua Lip Top Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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The Billboard Emerging Artists Chart has yet another fresh top four with Bas, Little Simz, Madeintyo and Dua Lipa rounding out the top spots.

The number one spot belongs to Bas and the hit song "Night Job" off his recently released album Too High To Riot. The song features Bas' Dreamville general J. Cole as the two spit some pretty slick verses over a smooth beat.

The song was also featured on the Revenge of the Dreamers II album and continued to spring its way into popularity.

Bas is now two albums in and will soon be shedding the emerging artist rank as his career pushes on. You can check out "Night Job" below.

"Night Job" Music Video Bas ft. J. Cole

In at number two is Little Simz and the hit song "Guess Who" featuring Josh Arce, Chuck20 and Tilla. The North London lyricist has a Soundcloud full of intense tracks that are filled with tongue twisting rhymes that are bound to impress hip-hop fans.

"Guess Who" is a bouncy track where all features involved seem to be bringing their top lyrical skills to wow fan.

The London hip-hop scene is flourishing now, more than ever before and artists like Little Simz are starting to make a splash on the scene. You can check out "Guess Who" below.

"Guess Who" Music Video Little Simz ft. Josh Arce, Chuck20 and Tilla

Madeintyo manages to take the number three spot with "Uber Everywhere" and something tells us it has a little something to do with Travis Scott's recently released version of the track. "Uber Everywhere" has a light trap beat with playful lyrics that makes the song a pretty catchy tune.

There is no doubt that the song has made more of a resurgence after word that Scott was teasing his own version which was officially released on March 7. You can check out "Uber Everywhere" below.

"Uber Everywhere By Madeintyo

Meanwhile, Dua Lipa's hit "Be The One" from 2015 claims the number four spot. "Be The One" features and intoxicating beat with vocals to match.

The electronic pop fusion works very well to her advantage as she manages to create pretty intense tunes that can also double as mainstream radio hits.

She is no stranger to the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart as her most recent hit "Last Dance" graced the chart a few weeks ago. You can check out "Be The One" below.

"Be The One" By Dua Lipa