True Groove Record Label Signs Global Dead With The Orchard

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This just in! New York's True Groove label just recently signed a worldwide global deal with The Orchard.

True Groove, run by the multi-talented Tomas Doncker, signed the exclusive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard, which will begin immediately with the release of 12 new projects from True Groove's roster of artists within this first 2014 quarter.

There is so much to come from the roster of talent True Groove holds.

Tomas Doncker, a producer, singer, songwriter and guitarist, is known as New York City's global soul icon.

His record label, True Groove was founded in 2011, with the idea of a "forward thinking artist oriented brand where music comes first".

Doncker considers his label "global soul", which he describes as the sound of our collective conscious, the unified rhythm of heart beats creating a positive, spiritually uplifting force for good.

The upcoming releases for True Groove include 'Step Inside' from Kevin Jenkins, 'Howlin' Wolf' from Tomas Doncker Band, 'Burder to Bear' from Lael Summer and 'Half-Life' from Marla Mase.

Doncker has recently stated his excitement about his label moving forward with The Orchard, for they both are known to create a vibrant, unique and eclectic global sound.

The label has artists with a funky sounds, punky sounds, folk sounds and love sounds. There is a wide variety of genres the label works with, all touching back to this global sound.

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