Max Rael Debuts Solo Electronic Music Project, Raelism

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Rising from London, Max Rael has debuted his electronic alternative dance project, Raelism, with the EP release of 'Freedom Within The Prison'.

Rael, who is known for his work in the experiemental black metal group The Meads of Asphodel - among many other projects varying in ambient, goth, electro, synth pop and indie rock genres of music - created the brain child of Raelism to "create instrumental music with a narrative whilst exploring catchy melodies, harmony, counterpoint and saucy beats".

The Raelism project has gained much respect and the likings of many music gurus around the globe. For the project, Rael works on the keyboards and programming, with the help of Pete Maher in the mastering of the production.

While listening to 'Freedom Within The Prison', I slipped into a state of trance with the continuous beats and synths. The music sounds a bit more spacey compared to what I am used to listening to electronic music wise, but I enjoyed the repetitveness, really putting me in an instate feeling of focus.

For those who are fans of the funky beats LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz, Royksopp and Daft Punk provide their fans and listeners, you are sure to love the new work of Max Rael with his Raelism project.

Take a listen to what Raelism is like below, and be sure to check out more from Max Rael on, and look for more to come from Max Rael and his Raelism project.