BANKS Releases Her 'Gemini Feed' Music Video

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Alternative artist BANKS has released a very haunting music video to match her brand new single "Gemini Feed." While the song is a message to someone who led her on, the music video presents three different sides of the artist.

The new music video for BANKS' "Gemini Feed" finds the artists taking on three different looks.

While you get an undeniable high fashion feeling from some of the pieces she is sporting, it's clear that there is a battle with balance going on.

The balance seems to lay with the opening look where her eyelids are closed with rhinestones replacing her eyes as she sits in a position of power.

Meanwhile, there is a darker very of her that shows up. The setting is sultry and she sports ropes tied around her neck and wrists.

At times there is a flash of a pretty creepy mask on her face and it's clear that there is something haunting going on there.

However, like the darker side, there is a lighter side that is also tied up. However, her hair is completely chopped and the setting reveals a lighter tone with blinding white lights.

Towards the end, both sides of BANKS form a Yin and Yang symbol which happens to feature the balance of two relationships that are bound to each other in an inseparable manner. "Gemini Feed" is one of two singles off BANKS' upcoming album titled, The Altar.

The album is expected to arrive on September 30. You can watch the new music video for BANKS' "Gemini Feed" below.

BANKS "Gemini Feed" Music Video