Fallout Boy, Suzanne Vega Perform 'Centuries' On 'Ellen'

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Fallout Boy's Patrick Stumpf was joined by his band member Pete Wentz to guest DJ on Wednesday's edition of "Ellen."

Both spoke about their new children and Wentz explained why his child was named Saint.

"We decided that if he waited to be born until I was home and off tour we would name him Saint," he explained.

Wentz helped his girlfriend deliver deliver the baby remarking to Ellen that "babies are very slippery."

Fallout Boy performed their new single "Centuries" on the show along with Suzanne Vega who appears on the original recording.

In an interview with Kat Corbett of KROQ in Los Angeles (a CBS Radio station), Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz explained how the hook from Vega's song "Tom's Diner" made its way onto the new track.

"It was something that kind of came up between us and JR, who produced the track," explained Stump.

"It seems very right for the pickin', right?" added Wentz. "To me, what people are thinking about what culturally, are so into right now. You've got Girl Meets World on TV, like it just feels like, pick it off."