Is Justin Biebers New Album Almost Done? 'What Do You Mean' 17 Days Away

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As Justin Bieber continues his "What Do You Mean" countdown to his new single which is just 17 days away, it looks like the album release is also getting closer being in the clutches of his fans.

Just hours ago Justin Bieber released a tweet stating that he was in the studio finishing up the album.

All signs of the tweet points to the album in its final stages which is going to be very good news for his fans who are still waiting to hear the first single from his new project, titled, "What Do You Mean."

Today Ed Sheeran joined in on the countdown with his own jingle video teasing the "What Do You Mean?" single. Sheeran's jingle though short, is pretty quite impressive but there is no telling whether it follows the tune of the single.

Yesterday Bieber got Little Mix to join in the countdown along with Beats By Dre's Twitter account.

The countdown method is one of the best when it comes to building hype and the hype hasn't been this strong since Bieber's collaboration with Jack U for "Where Are You Now." Bieber oddly tweeted the music video five times yesterday prior to his announcement about finishing up the album.

Are you excited for Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?