Ships Have Sailed Prepare for 'Moodswings' Album Release

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Ships Have Sailed is an alternative pop-rock band from Los Angeles with a bit of an electronic undercurrent. To describe their style as unique is an understatement, and we can't get enough of what we're hearing from them.

Thankfully, the band just announced the release of their upcoming LP, titled Moodswings, set to be dropped on March 10th. The album is sure to showcase Ships Have Sailed's capacity for "slow-burning chorus's and dynamic production."

The Cali-based band released their debut EP, Someday, this past July, and gained the likings of a variety of different music fans. Moodswings will be an even largesr jump in creativity in comparison to their debut of Someday.

Will Carpenter is the ringleader of the band, forming the group in early 2013.

The singer and songwriter played guitar for the hip-hop rock band 7Lions, and used the material that wouldn't fit into their mix to create his idea of Ships Have Sailed.

After taking a liking to the band's background and intrigued by the description of the release, listening to Ships Have Sailed put me in a state of relaxation.

Having just recently moved to the beach for the summer to escape, I couldn't think of a more perfect summer soundtrack than 'Someday'.

The vibe is pleasant and positive, with a background story as stated above - reflecting and realizing that your present is due to your past.

While waiting in anticipation for the release of Moodswings, like us, take a listen to what the band has to offer musically to their fans and listeners, visit their Soundcloud page and feast your ears on some tracks from Someday!