Get To Know: Jason Narducy

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Starting his first Chicago-area punk band at the wise-old age of 10, Jason Narducy has lived the equivalent of five lifetimes in the rock and roll business.

His first band Verboten, certainly garnered respect around the killer Chicago 80's punk scene, even so much so that Dave Grohl recalls seeing an early Jason performance and realizing he wanted to follow his own dream of rocking.

During the 90's, Jason (who had already been in the game for a decade) started an acoustic duo which then turned into the band Verbow.

Major label's took notice and Verbow had a nice little stint on Sony/BMG around the turn of the millennium and before the record industry melt-down of the early 2000's.

In this time Jason backed up alternative rock icons like Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) and Bob Mould (ex-Husker Du), toured the world, and also began a long lasting relationship with the band Superchunk.

Fast forward to 2014 and Jason is back to fronting his own group Split Single. Backed by drummer Jon Wurster (Superchunk/Bob Mould Band) and Britt Daniel (Spoon) Split Single's new album Fragmented World is influenced by everyone mentioned above as well adding Jason's own distinct flavor.

This summer he will be hitting the road in support of not only Fragmented World but also the new Bob Mould album, Beauty & Ruin out June 3rd via Merge Records.

On June 23rd both Split Single and Bob Mould will be playing a free show at Millennium Park. This should be an amazing show!

Check out Split Single's official website to hear the music and to see a hilarious video "The Sexiest Elbows In Rock Music" which praises the beauty of Jason's elbows! The spoof video also features Fred Armisen and Tim Meadows all discussing the man behind the gorgeous elbows. You have to love a rocker with a sense of humor.

Jason Narducy is also my humble guest on my show this Saturday May 3rd, check out the interview and hear the music this Saturday at

Seeing how bands, podcasts and blogs are all working to help each other these days, maybe it's not such a fragmented world after all!

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