Adele Super Bowl 2017 Rumors Have Begun

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Is it possible that Adele could be bringing some of her big hits and UK flavor to the Super Bowl halftime show in 2017? Well, rumors are now circulating that it could be a possibility, all just before the regular season commences.

"A source from the National Football League allegedly told The Sun, 'There is nobody bigger in the world than Adele right now and organizers are doing absolutely everything they can to try to persuade her to sign up.

She's sold out every date on her tour, everyone wants a piece of her and they know they can bank on her bringing in the viewers,'" reported Billboard.

"The insider added, 'It's Adele's nerves that are the issue -- it hasn't been an easy sell.'"

That's quite the harsh statement to make of one of the biggest names in music right now.

Adele has been wowing fans on stage since making her huge comeback with "Hello." It's not surprising that she would be in the talks to headline such a prestigious show.

Back at the 2016 Grammy Awards, Adele was criticized for her performance and during an appearance on The Ellen Show in February, following the performance, she explained all of the things that went wrong during it.

It's still yet to be determined or confirmed but it could be a little glimpse into what is to come.

Los Angeles, CA / Staples Center / Aug 6

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