Prince and The Revolution's 'Purple Rain' Soars to Number 4 on Billboard's Hot 100

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If you're familiar with the Billboard Hot 100 chart you know that it's pretty much reserved for the hottest music that is currently in radio rotation or recently released albums.

However, with the passing pf Prince a few weeks ago, his hit song "Purple Rain" has risen to the number four spot on the chart.

It's one think to have a current song on the Billboard Hot 100 but to have a song that is over 30 years old make it's way back into the top five, let alone the chart itself is pretty incredible.

It really goes to show the affect that Prince had on the music world, along with the incredible song and film that was "Purple Rain." After Prince's passing, his music sales began booming once more, which could be a reason for the "Purple Rain" resurgence.

Celebrities all over told their stories of Prince, many of which were incredibly hilarious, such as Jimmy Fallon and Questlove's story about ping pong.

Recently NBA star Dwayne Wade recently commented on becoming emotional after hearing Prince refer to him as his favorite player.

Despite it being weeks after his passing, Prince continues to be a heavy topic among the music world.

He has left a lasting impact and there is no telling how high Purple Rain will reach on the Billboard Hot 100 before it fades off once again. His status on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Prince will never fade away.