Vic Mensa Releases '16 Shots' Single As 'Self Defense' For Laquan McDonald

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It looks like Vic Mensa plans on stirring up some controversy with his upcoming EP titled, There's A Lot Going On.

He premiered his new single "16 Shots," which Mensa says he was inspired to write during his time protesting in the streets.

"'16 Shots' is about Laquan McDonald," said Mensa in an interview with Ebro Darden, where he premiered "16 Shots."

"I was inspired to make the song by my time down on the ground floor on the street, when were revolting [protesting] against that sh*t.

This record is like self-defense ya know? To me Laquan McDonald represent Emitt Till, which represents every other name down the line."

"16 Shots" is a direct message to the police where Mensa points out a couple of holes in the investigation of McDonald who was shot and killed by police on October 10, 2014 in Chicago.

The chorus spews lyrics of revolt against the police while Mensa addresses the facts that most officers involved in these types of cases manage to escape jail time.

It's a pretty controversial song that is bound to raise some eyebrows, however, "16 Shots" addresses issues that Mensa is passionate about.

"16 Shots" is part of the There's A Lot Going On EP that is scheduled to be released on Friday June 3.

The tracklist for There's A Lot Going On can be found after the audio below. You can listen to "16 Shots" below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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