Shit Robot Announces New EP 'We Got a Love'

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Shit Robot, also known as Marcus Lambkin, will release his second album, 'We Got A Love' on March 18th. The nine-track album includes the killer recent singles, "Feels Real" and "We Got A Love."

Recorded in Germany and New York, the album features an array of guests, including DFA's Nancy Whang, Museum of Love, and Luke Jenner, as well as hip-house hero Lidell Townsell and Australian singer Holly Backler.

"It wasn't as tricky as I thought it was going to be," said Lambkin regarding the process of recording and producing his second album.

"I think my first record was pretty special because there was a lot of lucky coincidences and a lot of being in the right place at the right time, so I didn't try to repeat it.

I just tricked my brain into just making stuff and not trying to follow up the first."

"One of the greatest things about making this record was getting to work with Lidell Townsell. He's such a great and positive guy. I've been a big fan for the longest time. "Nu-Nu" was a huge record for me and all my friends back in '92.

He doesn't usually sing on other people's records, so this was a huge honor for me. With Reggie, I first met him at the farewell concert for LCD at MSG, so I knew he could sing, but I really didn't expect to get what he delivered.

And I think he really delivered. The guy is a wizard. And then there are some friends that we've been talking about doing something together for a while like Luke and Pat and DJ."

The LP's distinctive artwork was created in collaboration with Irish graffiti artist, Maser.

"I picked Maser for the artwork because i'm a big fan of his work, but also because he's Irish and he does a lot of great work in and for Dublin.

His pieces are all over the city and they are always positive and a breath of fresh air for a city that's been going through some tough times."

The Robot has announced a string of DJ dates, including a US DJ tour in support of the record, with further dates and additional live The Shit Robot Show dates to follow.