Kraftwerk Leads Landmark Lineup for Moogfest 2014

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At Empty Lighthouse, we are super excited for the special extended Moogfest 2014, which will take place in Asheville, North Carolina in April.

Recently, the first part of the lineup was announced for the festival, and leading the landmark lineup for the festivities is Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk will be performing in downtown Asheville as a part of the Moogfest technology, art and music festival, beginning April 23rd and ending April 27th.

The German electro visionaries will perform three concerts at the festival spread out between two separate nights, as well as a dance party featuring music producer Nile Rodgers and his band CHIC.

Kraftwerk was started back in 1970 by Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider in Dusseldorf in their Kling Klang Studio. They soon gained international success with the eclectic and unique electronic sounds, their revolutionary electronic "sound paintings" and experiments with tapes and synthesizers.

Kraftwerk were the ones to create the soundtrack for the digital age.

Kraftwerk's belief in the respective contributions of both man and machine to create music is seen through their use of robotics and technical innovations to create their tracks. This month, Kraftwerk will be awarded the Recording Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award.

"The Kraftwerk live experience is a perfectly synchronized audio-visual spectacle complete with pristine digital sound and breathtaking 3-D projections," a recent press release stated in regards to the Moogfest lineup announcements.

"It is a pure electronic art-rave that epitomizes Kraftwerk's musical and technical innovation, and embodies the spirit and new direction of Moogfest 2014."

Kraftwerk rarely makes appearances in the US so performing at Moogfest is very rare for the German producers, and it will be their first time ever in the state of North Carolina.

Other artists and musicians scheduled to perform the weekend of the festival include RJD2, Soul Clap, Gas Lamp Killer, Art Department, Escot, Sasha - among many others. The focus of Moogfest is to celebrate the most influential musical masterminds of the 21st century recognized for the evolution of their talented and unique sounds.

Be sure to stay tuned to Empty Lighthouse for updates on lineup and festival announcements for Moogfest 2014. Looking forward to seeing you down in Asheville this April!