Will Kanye West Ever Release His New Album? Theophilus London and Malik Yusef Give Opinions

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"I still think I am the greatest." - Kanye West

Kanye has been in the spotlight ever since he dropped his debut album, "The College Dropout." In ten years he's given us six solo albums and a seventh in which he collaborated with the legend, Jay Z. There's now doubt he's made his mark on our generation and future generations, but we can help but ask what's going on with his creative process?

West put "Yeezus" out last year and it was pretty clear that he went off the deep end with the production; the album was a message from a frustrated artist.

Critics were harsh on the album, and overall it was not as highly acclaimed as West's previous works such as "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." Kanye has progressed in his day to day life since then however, and we expect to see and hear a different album be released by the Louis Vuitton Don.

Back in September Theophilus London, went on record saying West had hosted an album hearing party in which he invited 20 people and played the album three times for his guests.

This sparked controversy however, as many media outlets took this to mean the album was finished. London clarified last week in a tweet (Can be seen below) explaining that the album is not finished.

As unfortunate as that is, fans will be happy to hear that Malik Yusef, Kanye's long time collaborator has gone on record, saying " It's not the smooth, slick Chicago music sound we have right now and it's not the ruggedness of just 'Hip Hop Hip Hop Hip Hop.' We're still working like a motherf-cker." reports International Business Times.