Mac Miller Dreams About Mos Def

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Mac Miller revealed that he apparently dreams about Yasiin Bey a.k.a Mos Def. Now to what extent, we do not really know, as the Tweet he pushed out was relatively brief.

Amongst strange posts like "my best friend is a tree" (we get it) and of course changing his name to which by the way is some sort of bizarre online sandwich maker website.

Anyways, Mac tweeted out that he had a dream that involved Mos Def, who recently came into the news for cancelling his tour because he could not get back into the U.S. Hopefully it was a dream about Mos Def's lyrical talent instead of his recent controversy.

Mac has been laying low recently and still keeping things independent. His recent album Watching Movies with the Sound Off was a hit, although it certainly had more of a hippie vibe.

Honestly, we hope they both just back on the mic and get back to their roots. Dream on.