Kanye West and Scooter Braun Do Not Have A Formal Management Agreement

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News has been circulating that Justin Bieber's famous manager Scooter Braun would be Kanye West's new manager, however, a new report shows that has yet to be seen.

"Another insider tells Billboard there is no formal management agreement but that 'Scooter is a friend and confidant and is consulting with Kanye,'" according to Billboard.

"West continues to be represented by United Talent Agency (UTA) in all areas."

So, while Braun might be helping Kanye out with a few things, it doesn't look like he will be Kanye's manager anytime soon. Kanye has a lot going on in his life as The Life of Pablo album is now getting set to stream on all services on Friday, April 1.

Kanye launched the ilovekanyesong.com site to make the informal announcement.

While Kanye has denied The Life of Pablo on other streaming services like Spotify during it's initial release, it looks like the artist and his team have had a change of heart.

There really is no telling what else Kanye has in store for fans as his Turbo Grafx 16 album is scheduled to release this summer.

It's safe to say the release of Turbo Grafx 16 should be a lot smoother than that of The Life of Pablo.