Watch Ed Sheeran's Action-Packed 'Shape of You' Music Video

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Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" might seem like a club hit but the music video is anything but a party. Together, Sheeran and a model/dancer by the name of Jenny Pegouskie showed just in shape they are.

Pegouskie is training in a boxing gym as Sheeran walks in and begins training of his own. It looks like the two have caught each other's eyes and meet in an awkward yet funny way. They seem to grow their very own relationship in the video.

Teddy makes his moves and a romance that would make Rocky Balboa proud begins. Pegouskie leaves a cryptic message for Sheeran who goes beast mode on his training.

Sheeran prepares for his first fight and things take one of the most hilarious turns. Sheeran reaches and underground sumo-wrestling match, puts on a "fat-suit" and gets annihilated.

Meanwhile, Pegouskie lays on one heck of a kick against, Yama, the sumo wrestler. You can watch the hilarious music video for Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" below.

Watch Ed Sheeran's Action-Packed "Shape of You" Music Video

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