2014 Artist To Watch: Meg Myers

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Atlantic Record's Meg Myers, is a sultry and daring artist, who, while only producing two EP's so far, is sure to gain a stronger following through her sexy tone, mysterious aura, and the sometimes haunting sound of her music.

She was also named one of the "10 Sexy Indie Artists You Should Know," by Complex.

Myers, who was born in Nashville and raised by her father, a truck driver and mother, a Jehovah's Witness, according to Atlantic Records. Myers parents went through a divorce resulted in Myers moving to Florida with her mother and stepfather.

"I had a huge need to express myself," says Myers. "Music was always an escape from reality, because reality was pretty shitty.

I had a really tough childhood, and was forced to be an adult at a really young age. Music was the only safe place that was my own, where I could say whatever I wanted."

Myers stated that she grew up in the "grunge" and punk-rock era, and has been compared to Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple.

Myers moved to Los Angeles pursuing her career in music where she met producer Dr. Rosen Rosen.

After signing her to his production company, they began writing songs that appeared on Daughter In The Choir and her new Make a Shadow EP. "I want it to make people not afraid to feel," says Myers who is expected to release a full-length album later on this year.

"Desire," one of Myers singles off Make a Shadow is a dark and twisted song full equipped with the lyrics of intimacy that will shake you to your core.

The music video for "Desire," that can be found as you enter her home page is just as sinister as the song.

Nylon refers to the Myers as the love child of Sinead O'Connor and Linkin Park, an assessment that couldn't be anymore spot on.

An album release date or title has not been release but you can hear her tantalizing lyrics on both EP's which are available on iTunes.

Photo courtesy of http://press.atlanticrecords.com/meg-myers