Was Mac Miller Not Invited To The VMAs?

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The VMAs drew big crowds this year as they always seem to do, but one face that was noticeably absent was Mac Miller.

The young independent rapper had been invited in years past and had put out two albums in 2013, Watching Movies with the Sound Off and Delusional Thomas.

Since Mac took a turn towards a psychedelic persona, his fan-base has been getting smaller and smaller. It would appear as though MTV has taken notice too, as Mac Miller was no where to be seen at this years VMAs. Mac was on Twitter last night but made no mention of the VMAs.

What makes this snub especially harsh is that Mac has his own show on MTV called 'Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family' which was picked up for a second season.

This could have something to do with his break-up from Rostrum Records last year, as he currently is not under any record label.

If the VMAs are the voice of the pop-culture music scene, then it is bad news for the young rapper.

Not being invited to the VMAs after attending the last few years may be a clear sign that Mac Miller is losing steam.

Mac fans took to Twitter to express their dismay: