Ludacris Releases 'Lunch Money' Ludaverse: 'Ludaversal' Draws Nearer

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As the "Ludaversal" album draws nearer, Ludacris does not slow down from his onslaught of "Ludaverses" and this week it comes in the form of a "Lunch Money" freestyle.

(Audio Below)

"Yesterday Ludacris' lead Ludaversal single "Party Girls" got some new life breathed into it x 3," reports

"Three different producers remixed the cut, including Lunice, Brodinski and Sinjin Hawke. With that buzz still going, Ludacris returns to his Ludaverses series today, hopping on Pusha T's crazy 'Lunch Money' instrumental."

One thing that fans can count on with every Ludaverse that comes is that week after week they just get better. Ludacris is clearly in the zone right now and doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon.

Every Thursday Luda has released a freestyle over some of the hottest beats all in anticipation for the release of "Ludaversal" on March 31.

He will also be in the "Furious 7" film that releases on April 3, just a few days after the release of the album.

If you were a fan of his other Ludaverses, then you can expect the same intensity and gritty raps on the "Lunch Money" freestyle.

Listen to the "Lunch Money" Ludaverse Below