Is Meek Mill Calling Drake Fake With His Own Lyrics?

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Well today the Hip-Hop world was in a whirlwind of frenzy after Meek Mill called out Drake for not writing his own lyrics in a Twitter post.

Just hours ago, Mill even tweeted out a Drake verse that points fingers to the fake being exposed.

So while Stereogum provided a full rundown of the Twitter rant from Mill, it appears as if Meek Mill is standing behind his statements after posting the tweet below, reciting lyrics from Drake's "Know Yourself." Mill claimed that a man by the name of Quentin Miller was Drake's ghostwriter.

Drake has not responded to the claims and it might be due to some information that was revealed by rapper OG Maco. Maco stated via Twitter, that Drake's song give writing credits to Miller so the news shouldn't be anything new.

He also said that Mill was simply hating on Drake's success.

There has been a long history of artists calling out Drake for one reason or the other, however, he continues to survive and make hits despite the beefs.

Although, we wouldn't really consider this a beef since Drake hasn't addressed Mill about the mishap.