Seth Rogen Jabs Rob Schneider On The Howard Stern Show

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Seth Rogen appeared to talk about his new show, and he had lots of other things to discuss -- but the most interesting thing was what he had to say about Rob Schneider.

Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider Feud Begins

Over the last few days, the Twitterverse has been crowing about a public feud between Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider. The feud apparently began when Rogen found out that Schneider had blocked him on Twitter.

In response, Rogen tweeted, "What the f---k?" Rogen followed that with a little jab about Schneider's profile photo.

But things quickly deescalated when Schneider tweeted this:

Seth Rogen Escalates on Howard Stern

So by this morning, the feud appeared to be over. But it likely won't be over after Rob Schneider hears what Rogen had to say on The Howard Stern Show.

Rogen began the discussion of the feud with Howard Stern by downplaying it, saying it was not really a feud. But during the conversation, Rogen began to escalate the feud.

First, Rogen exclaimed that he doesn't follow Schneider because "Again, I don't want to read his tweets." He also said "I don't care what Rob Schneider is tweeting."

Howard Stern suggested that the cause of the feud may be politics, but Rogen didn't seem to believe that was the case.

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