Brent and Memet Take Their IQ Tests On Howard Stern -- What Are The Scores?

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Back in January, The Howard Stern Show's Memet Walker challenged Brent Hatley to an IQ test, claiming that he was much more intelligent.

Well, the test results are out, and the doctor has them.

Immediately after the test, Brent insisted that he did great, while Memet was not so sure. Memet also had some complaints about the test for the doctor, Brent, and Howard Stern.

Memet explained that he would be upset if he got less than a 115, even though many of the staff got higher than that. But Memet also claimed that there were "shenanigans" on the test, and he claimed that the doctor was "cheerleading" Brent during the test.

He suggested that that was unfair. Nevertheless, Benjy decided to bet on Memet, and put down $100 against Howard Stern.

Memet will have to shave his head if he loses.  But he's worried if his neighbors will think he's a skinhead if he shaves his head.

Everyone on the Howard Stern Show gave Memet a hard time about his response to the IQ test, since he previously had insisted that he was the smartest and most educated person in the office.  

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Bill Norton