Weezer To Perform, Promote New Album on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Weezer will be performing tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote their release of their new album, "Everything Will Be Alright in the End," which came out today.

"Everything Will Be Alright in the End" is the ninth studio album released by the alternative-rock band. Weezer teamed up with producer Ric Ocasek for the third time for this album; he previously worked on the band's first two self-titled albums.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Rivers Coumo wrote all of the 13 songs that are featured on the album, with heavy help from other co-writers, too.

Cuomo said the album features three main themes: his relationship with others, his relationship with women, and his relationship with his father.

While their past few albums have featured more of a modern pop feel to it, they tried to get back to their roots by including aspects that were featured in their early albums.

Over 200 songs were written for the album, with 13 being the final choices.

The main hit from the album, "Back to the Shack," has flooded rock radio stations and has been described by Rolling Stone as a, "nerdy, self-referential...guitar-heavy track." Entertainment Weekly reported that the album ends with an "ambitious three-part suite" which was revealed to be titled "The Futurescope Trilogy."

Weezer was formed in 1992 in Los Angeles and two of the four original members, Coumo and drummer Patrick Wilson, still remain.

It doesn't seem as if Weezer ever plans to slow down, consistently producing rock albums for more than two decades that fans seem to love.

Fans can see them perform tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" which airs at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.