Sia Keeps The Hits Coming With 'The Greatest' Ft. Kendrick Lamar

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Thankfully for fans, Sia is done big summer hits. Her hit factory churned out another new single titled, "The Greatest" featuring Kendrick Lamar that just seems to close out the summer months in an inspirational way.

Sia's "The Greatest" reminds us all to never give up and own the strength we have inside.

The bouncy pop track features radio-ready production with an electronic and dance feel to it similar to that of "Cheap Thrills." The music video for the track follows the overall pattern of the rest of her visuals.

The performance arts aspect tells a larger tale with a hit in the beginning with the hashtag #WEAREYOURCHILDREN. It also features Sia's go to dancer Maddie Zeigler who delivers another splendid performance. The track that runs in the music video does not feature Kendrick Lamar's verse, however, it still manages to send the message of strength across.

Meanwhile, Lamar delivers a pretty uplifting verse on his own in the official audio of the track. Lamar is no stranger of hits either, he has been regarded as the best rapper in hip-hop right now among his peers and seems to believe it as well.

The rapper proves that he really can transform under pressure and rise above, just as Sia's message preaches throughout this instant classic.

You can check out "The Greatest" featuring Kendrick Lamar in the audio below and check out the music video minus Lamar above. Let us know if you're a fan of "The Greatest" in the comments section.