Milosh Prepares for Much Anticipated Release of Jetlag

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If you are a fan of a mix between electronic music and soul, be on the lookout for Milosh's newest release, Jetlag.

The Canadian singer, songwriter and producer will release Jetlag this coming December / January. The album will be the fourth for the artist, and his first in five years, and is a collaboration between him and his wife, Alexa.

"Jetlag is an expression of my deep love for my wife, my happiness and excitement for a new place in my life, my sadness or fear of stepping out of my old life", Milosh explained about his upcoming album release.

"Jetlag is about dancing between two worlds simultaneously, learning about myself through the process and ultimately making a choice to be with someone, to fully commit to that life even though it's on the other side of the world", he continued.

Jetlag captures the ultimate testament to true and absolute love. There are recorded moments of laughter and love between Milosh and his wife, Alexa, throughout the album. There are sounds from their travels around the world and from the intimacy of their own home.

Milosh and Alexa, who were previously living in Berlin and Thailand, came together in LA for Jetlag. The album has an eclectic and unique sound, mixing electronic music with classical and jazz elements as well.

This is a much anticipated release for the recording artist, for he hasn't released new music in almost six years. Milosh released his first record in 2004, titled You Make Me Feel. Soon after came Meme and iii, all recorded with Plug Research, an LA based recording and producing label.

After these releases, Milosh decided to take a different approach to his music and team up with Robin Hannibal of Quadron to work and record under the name Rhye. They released their debut album, Woman, this past year.

To get the latest information about Milosh and his upcoming releases and tour dates, visit his BandCamp site at - and be on the lookout for the much anticipated release of his fourth album, Jetlag.