Where Is Wale? New album on the way

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The "Ambition" rapper has definitely had some hits since he started making waves in 2008; how is his new album coming along?

In February, Wale announced his new album, "Album About Nothing" will release in the fall.

Although he released a successful album last year, Wale's undying love of the game has led him to write enough material for a new album.

Then in May, he released a trailer with Seinfeld which showed the two in the studio working on the album.

Check out Wale and Seinfeld:

Just last month he released a song "The Followers" which will most likely be featured on the new album.

The song talks about what was going on in his mind at the time of writing and is essentially his response to his critics

Today he tweeted out that his album meeting with Atlantic Records went perfectly. This is obviously great news with his Fall approaching quickly thus is upcoming album release.

Fans are patiently waiting to hear more about Wale's new work and speculation is abundant, however, one thing worth noting is the fantastic set of features on his last album.

We can assume the "Album About Nothing" will have more of the same.