Adrenachrome Releases 'Science & Nature' EP

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Adrenachrome, a solo songwriter and music producer from Lincolnshire, also known as Steve Eyre, recently released his debut EP 'Science & Nature'.

The EP "started out as instrumentals originally intended to be farmed out to various vocalists and rhymers to see what they could contribute and hopefully something would click," a recent press release explained.

"However, the major stumbling block was that Adrenachrome didn't know any rhymers or vocalists to approach, so out came the writing pen and some deeply hidden incentive," it continued.

Adrenachrome is described as a mix of three famous and well-known "B's" in the industry: Beck, David Bowie and Ian Brown. "Nobody wants to be patronized with too much political or cultural schmaltz so the disarming satirical delivery kind of avoids the preachy undertone.

The retrofied electronics and monosyllabic vocals aim to deliver the firmly aspersions of a mild mannered social commentator du jour." 'Science & Nature' by Adrenachrome is now available on Bandcamp, for as much as you would like to donate to the artist for the EP. To listen and purchase, follow!