New Mongrels to Release 'Raised Incorruptible'

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Come January 14th, New Mongrels will be releasing their new album 'Raised Incorruptible'. This is the first album for the band since the late 90's, so there is much anticipation leading up to the release.

Think Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, mixed with a little The Lumineers and The Decemberists, and add in a dash of Blind Pilot and Dawes, and you get an outcome of New Mongrels.

For fans of any of these artists, you are bound to enjoy the tunes this band has to offer.

"The Mongrels are an unwieldy bunch to coordinate, and everyone has their own artistic pursuits," Brooke, the band leader of New Mongrels explained of why there has been such a gap between record releases. "The time has to feel right for a record to emerge.

I've been busy myself with other projects.

In recent years, a lot of my songs have actually ended up on stage.

I've written three full-length musicals for the underground theater scene in LA, and I think exercise of writing from the point of view of a range of characters has probably broadened my creative skills."

Brooke realized he had a collection of songs he wrote that needed a home, and what better home than with his band, New Mongrels.

His thought, "time to make a record." After working with Kubily Uner, another member of the Mongrels, they agreed to gather up the other Mongrels to create what they now have as 'Raised Incorrputible', their first record in over 15 years.

New Mongrels is a unique band unlike any other. The band consists of members spanning over seven different cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Decatur, Boston, Seattle and Vancouver who all incorporate different styles of music to their work.

Gathering the group back together to create the record was challenging at times, for they all live in different cities around North America. The amount of effort put into creating this record makes it even more enjoyable to listen to.

The group, though, is made up of many talented artists who have worked on a variety of different projects as well. Amy Ray is also a member of Indigo Girls, Michelle Malone is a Grammy-nominated touring artist, Laura Hall was the house musician for "Whose Line Is It Anyway", Kubilay Uner is a film composer and Haynes Brooke is an actor and playwright.

With musical roots in the folk, Americana, indie, folk-rock and acoustic genres, New Mongels has a little something to offer music fans of all kinds.

The group's history is unique and historical. Haynes Brooke, band leader and producer of New Mongrels, was lucky to be born into a family with a civil war veteran great-grandfather, Henry. Henry was the one to found the Smythe County Mongrels Society back in 1861.

Once formed, Henry wanted their purpose as a group to be "the joyful promotion, through song and rhythmic utterances, of a unified moral code for all creatures".

Brooke discovered this history about his family and decided it would be a great concept for a band, creating New Mongrels. Technically, New Mongrels has been going on for over 131 years, and the success isn't about to end anytime soon.

After taking a listen to New Mongrels, I was sure to immediately add them to some of my favorite play lists. They are definitely a band I am looking forward to listening to while doing work, drinking by a campfire or even driving with friends on the way to my favorite summer festival. To hear for yourself, be sure to check out their new upcoming release of 'Raised Incorruptible', out on January 14th.

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Along with the release of their upcoming album, New Mongrels has put out a new music video for their track "Raised Incorruptible", and can be viewed here //