Remy Ma Out Of Prison And Back To Music

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Have you ever felt such an intense energy from a song? Like when you get chills when you hear lyrics that speak to your soul?

I can taste her hunger in the recently released song by the recently released Remy Ma.

She has been lock up in a cage and has been waiting to be free (after 6 years) to bring back her beastly rhymes.
Hours after she was released she went straight to the booth and let the people know that the lioness is back.

Her energy and intensity through the song reflects her currently ended experience and shows what heavy bars can be created when you are prevented from showcasing them.
I hope this is just the beginning of her come back and she lets the beast out of her cage again.

Listen to the new song, which is a remix to DJ Khaled's single "They Don't Love You No More," and await to hear more from her soon.