Will Isaiah Rashad Have the Next TDE Album Release?

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While TDE is pretty secretive when it comes to their album releases, the company's president, David Free may have just gave fans a sign of who is up next.

Thankfully fans were also greeted with a new track from Isaiah Rashad titled, "Free Lunch."

Isaiah Rashad wowed critics with his Civilia Demo project and it looks like signs are pointing to another project to come.

Before the release of the new single titled, "Free Lunch," Free released a tweet with the date of September 2, with the hashtag #TDE. "Free Lunch" followed and now fans are buzzing with anticipation for what is to come in less than a month from now.

Originally it was expected that Ab-Soul may be up next, however, it looks like the buzz has shifted in the direction of Rashad.

"Free Lunch" is another big single from Rashad and features his purist style of delivery over mellow beats that are easy listening for fans.

TDE is buzzing with talent and fans know that there are only three more artists who are left on the list to release new music before the year is out.

Ab-Soul, SZA and Isaiah Rashad are coming and we can hardly wait. "Free Lunch" is available for download and stream on iTunes.

What album of the three aforementioned artists are you looking for to the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for an update on what album you can expect come September.

"Free Lunch" By Isaiah Rashad (Apple Music Stream)