Plastic Yellow Band Releases New Classic Rock Album 'Breathe Air'

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Coming in strong with a new release is Plastic Yellow Band, a new classic rock band rising from South Carolina.

The band was created and modeled after Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's duo band back in the day. With heavy influences from rock artists of the 1960's and 1970's, this unique and progressive rock band just released their new album 'Breathe Air' last month.

The album is a mix of progressive rock and psychedelic sounds, much comparable to the legendary work of The Beatles.

Plastic Yellow Band is inspired by "the tradition of an era when music wasn't considered authentic unless it was composed and played by musicians." The band pulls influence and puts it into their own work from other bands including Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and even Coldplay. Gerry Jennings, lead singer and songwriter of Plastic Yellow Band, has been performing since a young age.

He formed the band and used it's music to reflect a wide range of talent in both production and composition. Jennings is also the owner ISI Studios, where much of 'Breathe Air' was recorded.

I am a huge fan of The Beatles, always have been. I couldn't name how many times I have just sat and done work, listening to their discography over and over and over for days on end. I threw on some of Plastic Yellow Band's new work and was pleasantly surprised.

It was like a new turn on the old music that I love - something different yet still familiar in a sense. I loved the psychedelic sound of Plastic Yellow Band's new album 'Breathe Air', and felt a sense of comfort and warmth while listening to it.

I also loved the fact that both acoustic and electronic instruments and sounds were incorporated into the tracks - something that I definitely look for when discovering new music.

The genre of "new classic rock" fits this band perfectly, for they are a new band with a classic sound, and are bound to stick around for some time.

For more information on Plastic Yellow Band, be sure to visit, and take a listen to their newest album 'Breathe Air', here!