Just Out of Jail, XXXTENTACION Reveals All, Hits Drake (Listen)

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The hugely popular new artist XXXTENTACION was released from jail on March 27th, and he will be on the radio live tonight at 8pm ET. It's bound to be a huge event -- the first major interview he's done since he was released.

XXXTENTACION, the hip hop artist that is more mysterious than possibly any other artist, is going to be appearing on Miami's 103.5 The Beat radio tonight.

It's not yet known what the interview will be about, or whether X is planning to announce anything, but rumors abound. All over Twitter, people are going crazy with expectations.

According to 103.5 The Beat, XXXTENTACION was released from prison on March 27th. He was initially sentenced to jail time at the end of last year, after several run-ins with the law.

According to authorities, he was involved in battery of a pregnant woman, as well as assault and robbery. He was eligible to be released earlier in the year, but was not due to complications.

Here's The Beat's tweet with evidence that XXXTENTACION was arrested:

XXXTENTACION is interesting to many because he is shrouded in mystery. Until recently, he hadn't told anyone his age, and other important details about him. His first interview was in January, and he's been pretty quiet since then.

Now that he's out, we are expecting that XXXTENTACION will soon be announcing the release date of his first studio record, Bad Vibes Forever. Little is known about the project; hopefully, that will change tonight.

XXXTENTACION achieved fame only recently, after many argued that Drake stole the flow on his track "KMT."

Tonight's interview will be airing on 103.5 The Beat in Miami. If you aren't located in Miami, you can listen to it live here.

Update: Here is the video of the interview:

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