Chrome Sparks Debuts New Track "The Meaning of Love"

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This week, Chrome Sparks, aka. Jeremy Malvin, released his latest record as Chrome Sparks, 'Goddess'.

Released Tuesday on Future Classic, the EP finds Jeremy mining the depths of bass music, synth pop, ambient hip-hop, and everything in between. In honor of yesterday's release, Chrome Sparks has made the second single from the EP, "The Meaning of Love," available to stream here.

Malvin and his band continue their tour this week on The East Coast. The tour has taken Chrome Sparks through the West Coast, South, and East Coast, with a stop at Coachella.

Built off the success of Sparks, Jeremy's debut EP for Future Classic, Goddess is Chrome Sparks' most complete statement to date, a refined and matured take on his previous work. Opener "The Meaning of Love" builds and swirls around a wordless vocal sample, pitched and manipulated to blend in with the surrounding melodies. "Star Step" ebbs and flows, with the song's synth melody rooted firmly in Chrome Sparks' typically intricate and ornate percussion.

The track segues into companion tracks "Enter the Chrome Forest" and "Lost In the Chrome Forest," two cavernous songs that play with the space of the mix as much as they do the song's melody.

"ZzzzzZ" recalls the West Coast beat scene style hip-hop purveyed by the likes of Teebs and Salva. The EP culminates in the EP's triumphant title track and closer "Goddess."

Inspired by a background in classical percussion and an obsession with synthesizers, Jeremy Malvin creates music under the name Chrome Sparks. A Pittsburgh native who now resides in Brooklyn, Jeremy cut his teeth playing in Stepdad, Miniature Tigers, and Rich Aucoin. Jeremy kicked off his solo project Chrome Sparks in mid-2012 with the track "Marijuana," a thumping, fluttering piece of synth-centered bass music that unexpectedly set the internet alight.

Following a series of informal bandcamp releases, Chrome Sparks released his first official EP Sparks on Future Classic in 2013. Jeremy currently resides in Brooklyn, where he spends his time working on music in his bedroom, often only leaving it to play DJ sets.

In an effort to branch out from this insular existence, Jeremy is currently on a year-long project to have a lunch with a new person each day. See the results at