Travis Scott and Wiz Khalifa Might Release 'Bake Sale' After Beat is Sold

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It was a great day for Wiz Khalifa fans and now it looks like Travis Scott fans might be in for a treat sometime soon as well.

Earlier Scott threatened to drop the track "Bake Sale" which features both him and Khalifa after finding out the beat was sold and not getting an immediate response from Khalifa.

After threatening to drop "Bake Sale" on his Soundcloud account, Scott retracted by saying, "Nevermind we figured it out. Lets get it." You can hear the preview of the track below and from the sounds of it, it's going to be another classic track for both artists.

Scott was genuinely upset when he heard that the beat for the track had been sold and let his emotions show on Twitter.

he also said that the beat being sold makes him remember why he started making his own beats in the first place.

Scott tagged the creator of the beat in another tweet and playfully handed the fault over to DJ Spinz. He didn't seem to mean any ill will but later on threatened to drop the track after not getting any response from Khalifa when he asked whether or not they should release the track on Soundcloud. The tweet has since been deleted by Scott since figuring out the entire ordeal.

That being said, Scott is hyping up the track and tweeted to fans that it was too hard to just be sitting in his iTunes.

Meanwhile, Khalifa recently released his Cabin fever 3 mixtape, however "Bake Sale" is not one of the featured tracks. Khalifa responded to Scott's tweets by saying he won't let "Bake Sale" sit and that they got this.