In Flames Stream Discography on Spotify

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Judging by the band's decision to retweet a fan's comment, In Flames have uploaded their entire discography to Spotify.??


It seems that this is true.

??In Flames has once again been the topic of controversy after the release of their latest, the pop-inspired Siren Charms, which features a grand total of zero members of the band's original line-up and were subject to somewhat of a back-handed compliment from former guitarist Jesper Stromblad, who left in 2010 to "fight and defeat" his "demons."

"Will I ever return to In Flames? No one never knows what the future brings, but the chances are slim as they embarked on a different musical journey, they have a solid lineup and I'm on a totally different path in life right now. I would never go into details why I quit, but there is always one official story and there is the other ... Alcohol is a quite small part of it. That can also answer the next question, what do I think of their new stuff. Listen to The Resistance and that explains a bit of it.

We simply went different directions. I need to stand behind and feel inspired with what I do 100%.

I owe it to the fans and obviously the band -- all respect to In Flames and their new approach, but for me the band was a guitar/riff based melo death band.

And it's not anymore, but still amazing musicianship and I don't think its wrong. but it's not the vision I had for when we started out."