De La Soul Releases Their 'Greyhounds' Single Ft. Usher

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The upcoming and the Anonymous Nobody... album from De La Soul, is shaping up to be quite the project. The rap group recently released another single from the project titled, "Greyhounds," featuring Usher.

De La Soul and Usher connect on a soulful and deep track. "Greyhounds" tells the story of a woman who is looking for dreams in multiple places.

She lands in New York and finds herself in a series of situations. It's a pretty brilliant track from the rap veterans who are gearing up for one hell of an album release.

De La Soul's and the Anonymous Nobody... album actually happens to be made possible by fans who provided the funds. "Greyhounds" marks the fifth single from and the Anonymous Nobody...

The other four singles include, "Royal Capes," "Pain" featuring Snoop Dogg, "Trainwreck" and their recent release, "Drawn" featuring Little Dragon.

and the Anonymous Nobody is scheduled to release on August 26. So far every single has been well-received and shows signs of great things to come from the project. You can check out "Greyhounds" by De La Soul featuring Usher below.

"Greyhounds" By De La Soul ft. Usher