Rosco Bandana Kicks Off Communion Club Nights Series Tour

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Rosco Bandana, a septet from Mississippi, is the product of a teenage rebellion and its consequences. The band is known for their songs reflecting on lost loves, false starts and lasting friendships.

The band is set to finish off 2013 with a bang, and kicked off their end of the year tour last week.

Rosco Bandana will be joining the Communion Club Nights Series, and will be playing with amazing Communion Music artists around the states.

Aside from touring, the band will be spending the month of December touring alongside FUN., a performance at Turner Field and a high profile premiere on CMT Pure.

"They're what happen when a group of kids take a chance on a long shot, and against all odds, it pays off", a recent press release promoting Rosco Bandana announced.

The band formed on a spiritual note when lead songwriter, Jason Sanford, stuck up a conversation with a kid behind a counter at a mini-mart.

"He was like this real cool, hip, indie sorta character", Sanford explained. "And he ended up turning me on to people like Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Iron and Wine and Neutral Milk Hotel. That's kind of how it all started."

Sanford goes on to explain that he would spend his nights teaching himself how to play the guitar, writing song lyrics relating to problems he was going through himself, including heartbreak. During the same time Sanford was teaching himself how to play and create his own music, an old friend of his, Barry Pribyl Jr.

moved back to Mississippi and was suggested to get in contact with Sanford.

"At the time, I was into metal", Pribyl explained. "So I went to this open mic night and Jason was playing this honky-tonk stuff. I remember thinking, 'what the hell is this'."

The two compromised and started to work together on creating and playing music, and suddenly a specific sound emerged from their work. Their sound is compared to a blend of ragged bar-rock with mild nods towards contemporary country music.

The two musicians wanted to expand their band so they began to hold open mic nights to find more intriguing talent.

"From there, we'd invite 10 or 15 people to come with us out to this abandoned house and we'd just jam. We sort of hand-picked the band from there", Pribyl explained.

Once formed, the band was inspired to enlist in a Battle of the Bands competition sponsored by Hard Rock.

The band one the competition and was flown out to Los Angeles to record their debut album with Greg Collins, who is known to have produced work from No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2 - among many other big-name rock artists in the industry.

The band has gained much praise and positive attention with the success of their rising talent and unique sound they have to offer to music listeners.

"It might sound cliche, but we're just these humble, good ol' down-to-earth Mississippi people.

And when we play live, you can just see it in our faces the joy of music", Pribyl stated about himself and his fellow band mates.

The band wants their audiences and listeners to feel like they know who they are as people, and to also feel like they can relate.

Sanford finishes up by explaining, "I hope people get something honest out of our music. I hope they are able to feel something, and the empathize with it when they hear the lyrics.

You know, life and death is in the power of the tongue. And I want to put out music that's going to heal people." And Rosco Bandana's music is just that, healing and relatable to all and everyone.

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